Mixed Media Experience

I have  graduated with a BFA in Crafts with an Emphasis in Metalsmithing from California State University Fullerton. I have experience in mold making, casting, sculpting and painting detailed miniature objects. I am best described as “super creative”, “intelligent”, “innovative”, “efficient”, “fast learner”, “amazing” and as one of my client’s so kindly put it “Everyone’s lives would be easier if they had a Rae in their life“. When I work on a project I am dedicated to it’s full potential and completion. I excel in the planning and process of a project because of my propensity to think (and obsess) over the details. In a team setting I treat other’s ideas as my own and give them the full respect and dedication I would my own creative endeavor.

In addition to Metalsmithing, I also took courses in:

        • Paper crafts (making artisian paper and sculpting with pulp)
        • Book making
        • Sculpture
        • Printmaking
        • Fiber arts (wood, weaving, millinery)

I have skills in the areas of:

        • Sewing
        • Metal knitting
        • Stop motion: I have read extensively and watched the process for many years, but have no practical application
        • Diorama/Set Design
        • Illustration
        • Computer image editing

“The Swing” A two week production by Esterlina Arts

Puppet and Set Designed and Fabricated by Esterlina Arts