Graphic Design & Illustration

 Raelynn Esterlina


Adobe Photoshop - Photo editing, re-touching, sizing, formating, original illustration, painting

Adobe Illustrator - Specs print jobs, die cuts

Microsoft Office - Word, Power Point, Excel (excelent spread sheet design)

Mac and PC - Preference with Mac

Web Design - WordPress design, Basic HTML (This site is WP built by me)

Design brochures, newsletters, direct mail, posters, publication ads, tradeshow banners, logos, invitations, logo, business cards, product packaging and more!

Freelance Graphic Designer

Los Angeles, CA January 2011 – Present (1 year)

-Photo editing -Illustration -Postcards -Logos -Business Cards -Web Design -CD Packaging -Oversized Banner Design -MailChimp layout editing

Web Designing

California, 2006 – Present (6 years- sporadically)

-Facebook profile enhancment -Twitter proflie enhancment -Myspace profile enhancment -Personal web pages -Gallery Sites -Wordpress eCommerce

Art restorator and Project Manager

Nathan Zakheim Associates June 2004 – Present (6 years 5 months) [not consistently]

My duties are: -Cleaning, treating and retouching paintings -Freeway on-site painting -Over sight/Management of jobs -Office Administrative work -Recruiting capable artists and volunteers -Personal assistant to the original Artists:

Kent Twitchell, Alonzo Davis and iLia Anossov


Kent Twitchell

Muralist 310.709.2037

Naomi Tratar

Jeweler 310.490.5033

Wendy Sheilds

IFCA Director 949.724.6880

“Raelynn Esterlina is an artist who can interpret and follow through on a project. She is a hard worker who goes the extra mile to get a project done. I was amazed at how she took a concept and completed the restoration of the Olympic Mural I designed for the Harbor Freeway in Los Angeles. I look forward to working with her on another project.”

-Alonzo Davis 

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